Galatians: A Heart to Heart with God

…the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.
Galatians 6:8 ESV

It starts tomorrow! and Wednesday…

Two opportunities to study the book of Galatians with us at the shop.

Tuesdays at 9am beginning April 18
Wednesdays at 12noon beginning April 19

For seven weeks we’ll journey through Galatians together using a process of Scripture meditation we call: Having a Heart to Heart with God.

Reading a chapter a week, you’ll prayerfully study God’s Word listening for:

  • 5 things God wants you to know
  • 3 things God wants you to feel
  • 1 thing God want you to do in response

Then we’ll gather each week to share what we heard from God.

No preparation is needed for our first gathering. We’ll share some background on the book of Galatians and talk further about the study method we’re using.

There is no curriculum you need to buy, but we do have the ESV Scripture Journal of the book of Galatians available on our shelves in the shop.

Galatians in one book interleaved with journal pages.

Hope to see you then! Tomorrow! or Wednesday…
Stacy and Carol

Unraveled Love
111 E Commerce St
Jacksonville, TX

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