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The Heart of Unraveled Love The Unraveled Love Podcast

Welcome to the Unraveled Love Podcast! Our mission is to help you unravel your heart to wholeheartedly love God. We hope this inspires you to pursue the work of unraveling the loves of your heart to the One true Love who infuses you with life and purpose. In this initial offering, Stacy and Carol, the co-founders of Unraveled Love, share the heart behind the Unraveled Love shop, its ministries, and foundational Scripture. Enjoy. For more about Unraveled Love visit ⁠⁠ and follow us on ⁠Facebook⁠, ⁠Instagram⁠, and ⁠Pinterest⁠ at UnraveledLoveJville. You can find Stacy and Carol in their shop in Jacksonville, Texas, Tuesday through Friday from 10am-5pm. 

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