Praying Through: Psalm 121

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.
Psalm 119:105 ESV

Conversations with God begin with His Word.
It is in Scripture we find the basis for calling on Him in prayer.
Jesus is the Way into the Holy of Holies. He gave His perfect life as the perfect sacrifice to pay the price for all our sins keeping us separated from God.

Sometimes we forget the veil separating us from God’s presence was for our protection. We are often ignorant of our un-holy state and how it puts us in a deadly position before our Creator.

In the Psalms we hear the prayers of the Old Testament saints, who lived in the time of animal sacrifice yet prayed with the faith of being fully in His presence.
It is in their words, inspired by God, that He teaches us to pray.

A four-step Scripture-based prayer is a great way to approach God.
A good habit to learn in your personal conversations with God that equips you to lead others in prayer.

Most any Psalm can be prayed through with these four steps:

  • Praise. A time to tell God how great He is and remind ourselves who it is we are talking to.
  • Confession. Confessing to God your failures in following Him on His path of love.
  • Thanksgiving. Being grateful for His presence, provision, promises, and protection.
  • Intercession. Asking Him to work in your life and the lives of those you love. A time to invite Him into your world with a heart toward following His guidance.

Let’s pray our way through Psalm 121 using the NET® translation.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


I look up toward the hills. From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:1-2

You, Lord, are our Ultimate Help: Greater than any other force in the world.
As Creator of heaven and earth — all things seen and unseen — You have the wisdom and knowledge and power to help us with any conceivable problem, trouble, or pain.

How is God revealing Himself to you in these verses?
Praise Him for the character trait you see.


May he not allow your foot to slip. May your Protector not sleep.
Look! Israel’s Protector does not sleep or slumber.
Psalm 121:3-4

O Lord, forgive us when we look to the world for help and neglect to cry out to You.
Forgive our reliance on self-help.
When our foot does slip because we’re not relying on You, forgive us when we blame You for the trouble we caused.
Forgive us, Lord, when we limit Your help in our lives by characterizing You with human limitations. Taking our experiences with people and transferring them to You.
Forgive us when we fail to look at You as You are. To come to know the real You through Your Word.
Forgive us when we fail to put our faith in You so You can show us who You are.

How is your heart convicted by these words today?
Confess your personal failure to be faithful to Him.


The Lord is your protector; the Lord is the shade at your right hand.
The sun will not harm you by day, or the moon by night.
Psalm 121:5-6

Thank You, Lord, for Your constant presence.
Thank You for coming to make the Way through Jesus for us to run to You for refuge.
Thank You for the promise of eternal life in Christ — we have no need to fear any person or force, dis-ease or catastrophe.
Thank You for protecting our souls, for Your grace and mercy.

How is your heart moved to give thanks for His unseen presence in your life?
Pour out your thankfulness for the specific ways you’ve seen His protection and provision.


The Lord will protect you from all harm; he will protect your life.
The Lord will protect you in all you do, now and forevermore.

Psalm 121:7-8

Protect us today, Lord, as only You can.
Remind us of Your constant presence.
Help us to recognize our need for Your help in every area of our lives, no matter how big or small the circumstances we’re facing.

Guide us and provide for us according to Your will — You know what we need before we ask — provide that for us today, Lord.

Where do you need His help today?
Share places with God where you feel vulnerable or overwhelmed.
Ask Him to help you with the specifics of your day, no matter how significant they may seem.
Seek His help in every area of your life: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, relationally.

Photo by Eliecer Gallegos on Unsplash


Close your time of prayer with the confidence of a child of God.

I trust Your help and protection.
I trust You to answer my prayers according to Your will and what’s best for me.
Amen and Amen! Let it be so.

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

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