Esther: Wednesdays in February

Our study on the full armor of God wraps up this week, so it’s time to prepare for the next!

Esther: Seeing God When He is Silent

We’re looking forward to offering another study from The Daily Grace Co. This three weeks and starts Wednesday, February 1, at noon. We will jump right into Esther which means you’ll want to pick up your book and work through Week 1 to prepare for our first session together. Each week has five days of study and a sixth day to reflect on what you learned.

Even if you don’t have time to get ready for our first gathering we’re happy to have you come just as you are.

Hope to see you then!
Stacy & Carol

2 responses to “Esther: Wednesdays in February”

  1. How much is the book?


    1. 20.00 plus tax for total of 21.65.


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