Who We Are

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

Deuteronomy 6:4–5 (NKJV)

The Story of Unraveled Love

Two sisters in faith 
brought together by the Spirit
to help one another in fellowship
to unravel their lives from the world
and find their way to trusting 
the only One who matters

God inspired one to build a business
to connect with others to know Him better
At the proper time – as is always God’s way –
the other joined in too

Sharing hearts
praying and serving
drawing others through a downtown shop
transformation began to be envisioned

A business of encouraging others
to a deeper walk with God
this is the adventure – the quest —
of Unraveled Love

Two women brought together by Jesus –
Who has always been at the center of their relationship –
with hearts to connect with Him and others
to know the only One that matters

Listen up, you who wrestle with God!
The Lord is our God! The ONLY ONE!
Love Him – your God – with all your heart, 
and with all your soul, and with all your strength.
Deuteronomy 6:4-5
(an Unraveled Love translation)



I can’t remember a time I didn’t know Jesus. My earliest memories are singing bible songs at VBS, and taking notes in the Student Bible I had as a teen. I’ve lived through many seasons now. There were times I drifted away, and other times I’ve grown leaps and bounds. Through it all there was and is Jesus.

Always Jesus.

I was born, raised and have lived most of my life in the pineywoods of East Texas. I used to live in the country in a sweet little house where I raised three kids, veggies, and a few farm animals with my highschool sweetheart. Yes, we are still married, and that friend is grace. 

Only Grace.

I planned to live my whole life there, but God had a different way. A really hard way. Through all the easy and hard, I’ve learned God’s way is usually different than mine. Even when I don’t like it, his way is good.

Infinitely Good.

If I were to share, really share beyond the facts of how I arrived here. I would tell you most days I live a both-and life. I love people, and tend to be introverted. In the mornings I am full of let’s get going energy, and sit in silence with that energy (which takes lots of practice). I like to dream, and am okay with dreams not coming to pass. I often start new things, and am learning to trust God will finish what he starts even when I don’t. I worship in a traditional setting at church, and am drawn to contemporary when I worship in my car. God speaks to me in all these places. 

Yes… God speaks.

If we went deeper still… I know I’m enough for God, and never quite feel it.

Maybe you’ve been there too? The place where you’ve attempted to follow all the rules to live righteous and holy. I’ve been there, some days I’m still there. I believe the spiritual journey is all about unraveling my heart to the point where living holy and righteous is simply being present with Jesus in every single moment.

Every. Single. Moment.

My heart’s desire is to love God more and love is always Jesus. Only Grace leaves glory and enters the grief of a broken world in order to redeem and resurrect what seems lost. And no matter what circumstance God uses to get us there you can be sure it is infinitely good. Love is the language God speaks to draw us closer to him. You’ll find him speaking all around you, every single moment, in his Word and his world. 

Friend, God is over the top crazy about you. Don’t miss this one message I have for you. No matter the circumstance or season, whether you’re all put together or a complete mess. He loves you. Yes. You!

God loves YOU. 


I’m an ordinary Believer following an Extraordinary God.

Since the day He captured my heart, I’ve followed Him the best I can with the utmost of the faith He’s supplied. He’s taken me places I never expected and honestly, often times, never wanted to go.

After walking with Him for more than twenty-five years, most of what I do flows out of my relationship with Him. From an unplanned baptism one Sunday morning after an anxiety-ridden night to saying Yes to His various invitations to serve Him and His people, I try my best to follow Him.

He’s led me to attend and then eventually lead Sunday School classes. Pursuing Him in His Word and through prayer led me to lead others to pray. You’ll find me practicing this leadership role weekly in group prayer settings and a small Sunday morning worship service. Following His call to teach and write, sharing what I’ve learned and how He’s healed, I’ve self-published blogs and devotionals for more than ten years.

Eight years ago, He opened a door for me to come alongside my friend Stacy in her endeavor to share His good news with those in our small-town community through a downtown business.

My husband of thirty-six years affirms and confirms the calls God makes on my life every time he says Yes when I come to him with a request to do what God asks me to do or give. My husband’s support is a grace and a gift. We have three adult children whom God uses to help me grow in His grace and stretch my faith.

God faithfully leads and I do my best to follow. 
That’s who I am. 
just an ordinary Believer. 
following hard after an Extraordinary God.
continually working to unravel my life from the world.
one step of faith at a time.


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